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Common Labial Reduction Techniques

Labial Reduction | Plastic Surgery 

Women who suffer from large labia or that which is deformed have a choice to have a labiaplasty surgery from a reputable plastic surgeon. Labiaplasty, also known as labial reduction is the surgical procedure to repair, reshape or correct the size and appearance of enlarged, deformed or damaged labia. As a vaginal cosmetic surgery procedure, along with vaginoplasty and hymenoplasty, labia reduction is still seen as somewhat controversial. However, more and more women each year undergo labiaplasty for either cosmetic reasons or valid health concerns.

The labia minora is the inner lips of the female sexual organ while the labia majora is the outer lips. Most cases of labiaplasty are performed because the patient’s labia minora is exposed and protrudes outside of the labia majora. Asymmetry of the labia minora may also be an issue as well as discoloration of the vaginal lips leading to an unsightly appearance of the vaginal opening. To address these issues several labial reduction techniques have been developed over the years by plastic surgeons specializing in vaginal cosmetic surgery.

Trim technique for labial reduction

Since the early 1990’s, labia reduction consisted mostly of simple resection of the protruding labia. While this direct amputation method, also known as trim technique or strip method proved effective and easy to duplicate, many comments against this technique include unnatural appearance of the labial edge, scarring and issues of oversensitivity or lack of sensation of the resulting labia.

Labiaplasty wedge technique

Many cosmetic surgeons these days use the wedge technique for labiaplasty. Instead of excising the edge of the labia lengthwise, a V-shape section is cut away in the lower part or inferior of the labia minora. The upper flap is then sutured to the lower edge. This wedge technique results in a scarless and natural-looking labial edge while effectively reducing the size and shape of the patient’s vaginal lips.

Laser labiaplasty

As a less painful alternative, some cosmetic surgery clinics offer laser labiaplasty. This is simply using laser technology to excise the excess tissue of the labia as opposed to using only a scalpel or surgical scissors. The main detractors of the laser labiaplasty method point out the apparent scarring and in some cases a decrease in sensitivity of the affected part.

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