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Finding A Good Labiaplasty Surgeon

Labiaplasty Surgeon | Plastic Surgeon 

Women who are interested to get a labiaplasty procedure will do well to be meticulous about finding a qualified labiaplasty surgeon to perform this delicate genital reconstruction surgery. After all, labiaplasty or labial reduction carries with it certain risks and complications. In availing of labiaplasty surgery, patients must first figure out how to find a plastic surgeon who not only knows what he or she is doing but moreover, someone they can trust.

About labiaplasty

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, labiaplasty is the plastic surgery procedure performed on the skin surrounding a female’s vagina also known as the labia major and labia minor. The operation is intended mainly to reduce the size of enlarged or oversized labia, which may be a cause of pain or discomfort for affected patients.

Apart from labial reduction, vaginal lip surgery may also involve enhancing its appearance by reshaping the labia for symmetry or as part of a broader vaginal rejuvenation procedure. In such cases, the cosmetic surgeon performs labia surgery along with vaginoplasty, clitoral hoodectomy or hymenoplasty. This kind of vaginal cosmetic surgery package is often also referred to as "designer vagina".

Characteristics of a good labiaplasty surgeon

Plastic surgery specialists for vaginal surgery procedures are quickly becoming commonplace along with the increasing demand for labiaplasty procedure. As competition grows, price for the surgery may slightly become more affordable. However, women who are considering getting the services of a labiaplasty surgeon should not jump at the first offer for cheap labiaplasty. In procedures like this, cost considerations should be kept for the latter stages of the selection process.

Experience should rank highest in the list of criteria for choosing a labiaplasty surgeon. Verify the number of previous labiaplasty surgeries that the surgeon performed in recent years. If possible, find out the success rate vis-à-vis the number of complaints received by the plastic surgeon with regards to performing labial reduction.

Verified credentials are also important indicators for a good surgeon. Being a board certified plastic surgeon is a definite must-have. Never take up the services of a labiaplasty surgeon without the proper certification.

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