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Overview Of Labiaplasty Surgery Procedure

Labiaplasty Surgery | Genital Cosmetic Surgery 

In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in women choosing to undergo labiaplasty surgery. This genital plastic surgery procedure used to be availed only by women who for occupational reasons needed to have their entire body, including their genital region, looking perfect. These included such work as swimsuit and nude models, exotic dancers and performers in sex-related industries.

Nevertheless, labiaplasty is not only for those who expose their private parts for a living. There are patients who undergo labial surgery primarily to correct elongated or enlarged labia, which is a cause of considerable pain for those who suffer from the condition. Labial reduction, in such cases, is a real medical concern.

Common reasons for labiaplasty surgery

There are reports saying that many women who choose to have a labial reduction procedure are influenced mostly by the growing accessibility to sex-themed materials through the Internet and in popular media. Pornographic magazines and videos then becomes a basis for comparison, making women feel that their sex organs are not up to such "standards".

On the other hand, the main health reason for having labiaplasty may be due to a deformation to the labia major or labia minor caused by childbirth, disease or injury. Labiaplasty surgery can correct such conditions, reducing the size of the malformed labia as well as reshaping the labia and fixing the labia in order to appear symmetrical and less prominent.

Procedures involved in labiaplasty

For most procedures, labiaplasty is performed as an outpatient operation. Only local anesthesia is applied most of the time but in some cases, minimal general anesthesia may also be employed.

Whereas direct amputation of the labia minor used to be the procedure used by plastic surgeons for labiaplasty, this is now abandoned in favor of more refined techniques. Laser technology is often used instead of a scalpel to make the appropriate incisions and to excise the relevant tissues in order to reshape and reduce the enlarged labia in size. There are instances when, in conjunction with a labiaplsty, a clitoral hoodectomy is also performed.

Once the desired configuration of the labia is achieved, the incisions are sutured shut. Labiaplasty surgery usually lasts approximately two hours long.

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