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The Various Types Of Liposuction

Types of Liposuction 

Basically, liposuction has many types. In the current market today, one will definitely have a hard time deciding for the type of liposuction he or she would avail to address some beauty issues. However, if the consumer would really spend time learning and understanding the types of liposuction he or she will surely land in the best decision with the help of a qualified surgeon.

Sometimes, patients end up going through a process which they don’t actually need, this is because some surgeons will only advise a couple of liposuction options to the customer for the reason that they only offer such liposuction procedures and not really because that is what’s best for the customer.

That being said, it is imperative that customers have general knowledge about the types of liposuction procedures which are currently offered by most surgeons in the market to make the soundest decision for themselves with the aid of experienced and recognized surgeon. Below are the different types of liposuction:

  1. Traditional liposuction –this type of liposuction will require some incision around the affected area. A suctioning device commonly known as cannula is used and inserted into the patient’s body through the crafted incision. The suctioning device will be operated and controlled by the surgeon so that the fats that need to be removed in the medication area will be effectively eliminated.
  2. Tumescent liposuction – this type of liposuction uses injections containing solution that can anesthetize the affected areas. The solution can significantly reduce pain, break down fats for easier suction and it can even shrink blood vessel which in effect dramatically reduce blood loss.
  3. Ultrasonic liposuction – this type of liposuction utilizes dedicated cannula that produces ultrasonic sound waves directly into fat deposits and softens packs of fats for easier removal.
  4. Power assisted liposuction – this type of liposuction uses a cannula that vibrates. The vibrating feature can easily break down fatty cells for trouble-free removal.
  5. Laser liposuction – CooLipo, Smartlipo and SlimLipo embraces laser liposuction technique. It employs cannula that direct laser beams into fat deposits and release fatty cells to make it simpler for the doctor to get rid of the fats.
  6. Liposelection – in this type of liposuction procedure, the liposelection suctioning device contains some small probe utilizing ultrasonic energy to support easy removal of fats.
  7. Liposuction alternatives – Some types of liposuction procedures like Thermage, Mesotherapy, LipodissolveTM, Zerona and VelaShapeTM are considered as non-invasive technique for weight loss that intend to minimize the amount of fatty cells inside the body without going through invasive surgery and painful incisions.

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