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What to Expect During Nose Job Recovery

Nose Job Recovery | Rhinoplasty 

Patience is a virtue. This is rather true in nose job recovery. While recovery period is long, the benefit also last longer. Normally, the face and not just the nose will soar and inflame after the surgery. Bruising and bleeding is normal especially on the first week following the surgery. These after effects though inevitable are precisely controllable and would just go away after several weeks.

Most likely than not, patients that have undergone nose surgery are happy with the result and would not need any second surgery. The secret is to find highly qualified surgeon to execute the entire process. He or she can provide the patients wide range of possibilities to achieve the patient’s goals of getting nose surgery. Also, well experienced surgeons can better explain the nose surgery process, result, recovery and benefits in detail as they are already used to it.

The Nose Job Recovery Period

Bruising and swelling is expected to be bad on the first 2 to 3 days after the surgery. The pain can be reduced by employing cold compress. Also, bleeding is normal but the patient will be ask to never blow his or her nose no matter what for about a week.

Part of the post-operative guidelines is to never bend with your head down until heart level as this will trigger bleeding and swelling. It is important to not do it until completely healed to avoid any problems. The removal of nasal packing should be made few days after the surgery while the splint as well as the stitches will be detached after a couple of weeks following the surgery.

Lastly, bruising and swelling is expected to be completely healed after around three weeks. However, there are some instances where residual swelling may continue for few more months to even a year after nose surgery. This however, is usually unnoticeable except to you and your doctor.

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