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Nose Job Results - The Benefits of Nose Surgery

Nose Job Results 

Hearing someone getting a nose job is no longer a surprise to most of us. In fact, it is known as one of the most sought after aesthetic surgeries in the globe.Nose job results may vary per patient but most of those who have experienced nose surgery are very satisfied with the result.

Truth about Nose Job Results

Managing expectation on the patient’s side defines the success of nose surgery. Therefore, it is important that the patient has a clear understanding of the extent of enhancement a surgeon can possibly do and what are the areas that can be and cannot be changed.

Also, the structure of the nose itself can largely influence nose job results. It is even impossible to change the shape and size of the nose dramatically with the intention of keeping it strong and in good physical condition. That’s why even the slightest change like increasing and decreasing the noses’ shape and size can surely create a major effect to the success or failure of the surgery.

With today’s technology, a patient can already have a preview of what his or her nose will look like in his or her face after the surgery through the use of 3-D imaging program. This program can help the surgeon give a more tangible sample of what is expected to come and would also help the patient to have a truthful expectation of what is going to happen after the surgery. The real nose job results however may not be exactly as what is shown in the 3-D imaging system but are mostly very close to it.

Nose job results don’t show immediately few days following the surgery. On the contrary, the patient will first see swelling and bruising on the face. In truth, these side effects will stay a bit longer and in some cases would continue until six months and beyond. This means that, the patient will only see the result after the swelling is completely gone.

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