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Nose Job Surgery Procedure

Nose Job Surgery 

Nose job surgery is defined as an operation that aims to alter and improve the appearance, shape and the extent of the nose. The doctor that specialize nose surgeries can do a lot of things to the patient’s nose to enhance its looks. It is often done by creating a small incisionconcealed inside the nose.

Nose Job Surgery Techniques

Nose surgeries are often performed in an outpatient location. The surgeon will employ general anesthesia to keep the patient sedated. There are two ways to perform nose job surgery. The method to be used will vary per patient. Furthermore, the surgeon will beginthe operation by utilizing either open or closed rhinoplasty procedure. To determine what type of procedure to be performed, the patient will need to have personal consultantation with the surgeon.

Open Rhinoplasty Surgery

This type of nose job surgerywould allow the doctor to work on least restricted areas such as the cartilage and nose bone. This type of method may cause some scarring. Moreover, the doctor normally lifts the skin of the nose tip through creating an incision throughout the columella. Next is the reshaping of the cartilage. The surgeon will then shape the cartilage accurately before closing the incision. Since there is an incision made, the showing of scar can be expected but it should be minimal and can be found at the bottom of the nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Unlike open nose job surgery, closed rhinoplasty will not leave any scar on the patient’s nose. Closed rhinoplasty can provide the patient all of the benefits of traditional rhinoplasty. Generally, the cutwill be positioned inside the patient’s nostril thus, scars will be concealed underneath. However, this method will not allow the surgeon to reshape the nose freely due to limited access but he or she can still have sufficient options in reshaping the nose. The cartilage and nose bone will be disconnected but in some situations the surgeon would utilize tissues taken from the patient’s body part to give better appearance and support to the nose. There are also some instances where the surgeon would suggest to use an implant to achieve the most desirable result.

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