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Otoplasty Cost and Financing Options

Otoplasty Cost 

Otoplasty is simply an operation of reshaping ones ears. It is a surgical procedure that is performed to remedy prominent ears through securing it back near the head. This type of plastic surgery can correct various ear abnormalities.

Otoplasty cost will vary considering the different condition of the patient, surgeon and method use. However, the average cost for ear surgery would go anywhere from $2,000 and $5,000. This price however doesn’t include the pre/post surgery care charges and prescriptions.

Truly that this may not be good news to a potential patient but the good thing is that, there are now many options that can be make use of like payment plans offered by your personal surgeon and more financing alternatives outside your surgeon’s network.

It is imperative to ask the surgeon if he or she offers payment plans so that you can look for an alternative financing past him or her that will help cover your otoplasty costs. In the case where a patient seeks to have ear surgery due to health issues, he or she may contact his or her insurance company and verify with them if they will cover non-elective surgery which they will most likely do.

Factors affective otoplasty cost

One of the factors that affect otoplasty cost is the surgeon’s fee. It will vary according to the surgeon’s location, market condition, expertise and trainings. In conformity with American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the surgeon’s average fee should be around $2,339 excluding the cost for anesthesia, laboratory fee, facility fee and many others. With these extra cost accounted, the entire cost of otoplasty will advance up to 5,000 bucks.

These are the factors that affect the total ear surgery cost: The location where the surgery will be performed, the surgeon’s overall qualification, the fullness of the work required and the pre/post surgery care. Also, bear in mind that otoplasty is a personalized procedure performed to improve the quality of one’s physical condition, thus the cost is expected to be different in each patient.

Different Financing Options

Normally, plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures can be paid through patient’s ready cash, credit card or check. However, if the patient cannot pay his or her ear surgery expenses alone, there are other ways to get financial backing. In fact, your surgeon might help you with it by offering you personal payment plans that can be arranged by his personnel.

One of the means to pay the price of ear cosmetic surgery is through a finance company. They can offer some methods to pay your otoplasty cost like in monthly installments. Choose those that offer a lower interest rate.

Care credit is the most popular finance alternative. It provides a more flexible payment scheme made available to help the patient with the expenses. Alternatively, insurance companies don’t usually cover otoplasty expenses, but if the surgery is done to fix congenital malformation, there are insurance companies who can cover the otoplasty cost following your clear justification of your case. Don’t shut your mind to the idea that your insurance company won’t help you with the bills. It is always best to contact them; it’s never a crime to ask them anyway.

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