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Facts You Should Know About Otoplasty Recovery

Otoplasty Recovery 

While many people are overwhelmed about the idea of getting otoplasty, they are also equally concern about what will happen after the surgery. Otoplasty recovery is different per patient. It could be easy or challenging, lengthy or short – all will actually depend on the patient’s physical fitness. The following are something that a potential patient can expect after otoplasty surgery.

The result of otoplasty surgery cannot be seen immediately. The patient can only see its benefits right after the whole otoplasty recovery period has ended. This is because that is the only time that the bandages set on the patient’s ears will be totally removed.

Otoplasty Recovery

Otoplasty recovery begins at wrapping the patient’s head with bandages shortly after the surgery. This should be done to ensure proper and safe healing. The original bandage should be replaced with aneasier bandage few days after the original one has been placed. All bandages however should be taken out after a week.

The ears will not be let unaided after the bandages have been removed. A special headband must be worn for few more weeks to support the ears and keep them on the desired new position and shape. Moreover, this special headband should not be removed especially during the night while the patient sleeps because the risk of losing the model shape is high if the patient is unaware.

Ultimately, otoplasty recovery would take around six weeks. After such period of time, the patient is expected to have fully recovered from the surgery. Conversely, during the period when the ears are in the process of healing, the patient is restricted to use blow dryers or anything that produces too much heat or cold because it can cause damage to the bruising and swelling ears.

Common Side Effects

Otoplasty patient is expected to obtain minimal bruises and will experience minor pain. Swelling is worst during the earliest days after the operation. Moreover, these adverse effects are relatively controllable through prescribed medicines and will be completely gone after few weeks.

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