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Facts You Should Know About Otoplasty Recovery

Otoplasty Risks 

It is normal that in every surgery, there are risks associated with it. It is true in otoplasty surgery but the risks are believed to be minimal. Otoplasty risks for both functional and cosmetic surgery will most likely include the following.

Otoplasty risks

  1. Infection – the skin of the ear as well as the cartilage are the areas where the infection usually begins. This is considered as the biggest hindranceto the operation’s success. Minor infection can be controlled by prescribed antibiotics. However, if the infection is major (which don’t usually happen) and produces undesirable formation of scar, second surgery will be necessary to correct the problem.
  2. Blood Clots – there is a possibility that a blood clot will form on the patient’s ears. Though this is uncommon it is good to know that there are cases that blood clot dispels naturally. However, if it does not work that way, an excision of blood clot with a needle is necessary. If serious bleeding occurs and the swelling never went away, it is best to see the doctor to ensure proper healing.
  3. Overcorrection – if in the situation that a reconstructive surgery is required, make sure that the surgeon who will execute the correction is highly skilled. Inexperienced surgeon may only worsen the situation and overcorrection might happen. Otoplasty overcorrection includes the following: Shape distortion, poor correction, unbalance correction and the ear placement is overly attached to the head.
  4. Loosening of Sutures – This is common to children as they are more energetic and rowdy. The bad news is that, when this is not detected early there is a possibility that the ear will go back to its previous shape and position. This is because if the patient is extremely boisterous the bandage as well as the sutures will come undone.
  5. Hearing Loss – While this situation is rare, it can still happen. This is because serious distortion of the aural canal may affect the ability of hearing. But this can be avoided if the doctor that performs otoplasty is highly skilled and is very familiar of the steps in preventing hearing injury.

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