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Prominent Ear Surgery Risks and Effects

Prominenet Ear Surgery Risks 

Like any other surgeries, there are also some risk and side effects associated with ear surgery. Prominent ear surgery risks vary, in the case of children, the anesthesia to be used on them is normally general anesthesia which carries only minimal risk. However, anyone who has undergone ear surgery cannot escape the possibility of encountering complications brought by the operation.

Prominent ear surgery risks

Most likely, three percent of the total number of prominent ear surgery patients may obtain scars after the surgery. The scars may appear in its worst form like becoming red and thick which may need a different treatment.

Infections is not likely to occur, however if it does an antibiotic and frequent dressing can control it fairly well. There are cases where the dressings may irritate the ear causing the skin to break which will delay the healing process and sometimes would require secondary surgery. If a secondary repair needs to be done, it is best to ask some advice about the surgeon that will handle the operation. This is because your original doctor might not be skilled and trained enough on adjustment surgery. Though your surgeon may charge less, it is still best to get the most suitable doctor to handle your operation to avoid major disappointment.

Effects of the procedure

Aside from the known prominent surgery risks there are also consequences of getting ear surgery. After the operation the ear will feel numb and it will usually settle after several weeks. Also the ear will soar and becomes tender for few more weeks following the surgery. A painkiller such as codeine or paracetamol can be taken to ease the pain. However, the patient should avoid taking nurofen or aspirin as it can trigger bleeding. Also, there is a possibility that after setting back a prominent ear, its shape might be far low for the patient’s taste thus; an adjustment procedure might be needed.

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