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Procedures for Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent Ear Surgery 

In most cases, children who have oversized protruding ears may suffer too much teasing and bullying from other kids. This experience may affect them and eventually lower their self-esteem. Good thing there is prominent ear surgery. It can be employed on kids as long as they reached at least five years of age which is just right to save them from major upset. Likewise, in case of adults it is preferred to have this operation before the age of forty seven, this however is not a standard practice as any adult can well handle this procedure.

Prominent ear surgery procedure

The first step is to set the patient under local or general anesthesia. Children will be injected with general anesthesia while adults will be under local anesthesia. The surgery can be performed in one ear or both depending on the patient’s preference.

The operation will run for about one hour or more depending on the complexity of work. There will be incisions to be made and there will also skin to be lifted. The cartilage will then be altered to its best form.

After proper reshaping of the ear, the incision will then be closed through using absorbable sutures. The ear will be covered with bandage to properly heal the wounds and to avoid infections.

Post-operative care

After the surgery, the patient will be advised but will not be forced to rest for at least ten days. Analgesia can be used to minimize pain and bleeding. Normally, the bandage will be retained for about seven to nine days to support the new placement of the ear. Some patient’s will be asked to wear special headband that will strengthen the ear especially at night. The patient will also be advised to not wash his or her hair for a minimum of fourteen days. That said will prevent the patient from swimming for the next two to six weeks after the surgery or to be safe after the ear has fully recovered. It is also best to schedule for a follow up checkup after a couple of months.

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