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Prominent Ear - Overview and Effects

Prominent Ear 

Prominent ear is a congenital problem that affects two percent of the population. The origin of this physical problem is the lack or deformed cartilage of either single or both ears. The malformation starts during the early development of the ear in intrauterine life. During this stage, the ear may grow edgewise with irregular helical folds.

Normally, babies that have prominent ear will have seemingly normal ear when they are born. However, as soon as they reach three months old, the problem will slowly arise.The most probable reason of this is that the limp cartilage is constantly bent over especially in the course of breast feeding.Nevertheless, prominent ear is believed to not having any associated functional problems except psychological problem when taken too seriously.

Psychological problem

Teasing and bullying is predictable during younger years. Therefore, psychological sufferings on the side of the one having prominent ear is typical and can develop into more intense distress. Simple teasing can break a child’s heart and would create temporary to lasting sadness and low self-esteem. That said is extremely unhealthy and needs to be given appropriate attention.

Conventional way of correcting prominent ear

In general, babies on their six months of age normally have very weak ear cartilage which is adaptable to forming and splinting. The conventional way of correcting prominent ear is by utilizing bandages and tapes to support the ear. However, in today’s modern time bandages and tapes are far archaic to use. Instead, a more sophisticated split is being utilized to fix prominent ear problem effectively.

Parents may use the conventional technique as it can also be effective when employed to young delicate babies to tail off the need to have them undergo any surgery. However, if after six months the problem has not yet been corrected, the only possible option that can be employed is ear surgical operation. 

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