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Top Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty Procedures 

Rhinoplasty comes from a Greek word Rhinos which means Nose and Plassein which means to shape.There are top rhinoplasty procedures that can be performed depending on the patient’s condition and request. Clearly, rhinoplasty is a method of shaping ones nose to a more balance and enhanced form as well as function. It is commonly known as simply the "nose job".

The top rhinoplasty procedures are tip rhinoplasty, bridge rhinoplasty, hump rhinoplasty, angles and twists, cartilage and nostrils job and the newest is non-surgical nose job.

The Top Rhinoplasty Procedures with description

  • Tip Rhinoplasty is best for patients that have good nose width particularly the upper two third areas. It is done by altering the tip of the patient’s nose utilizing close rhinoplasty method. Cartilage tip graft can also be employed in some cases but only very rare cases.
  • Bridge Rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty wide bridge plastic surgery is performed by altering the size and the shape of the patient’s nose bridge. It’s one of the best familiar types of rhinoplasty as it can be performed for either cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. Its health benefit is to help enhance breathing.
  • Hump Rhinoplasty is done by reducing the hump size of the patient’s nose. This method can change the shape and size of the hump and if necessary the whole structure of the nose.
  • Cartilage and Nostrils job is done by reshaping, changing and even removing the cartilage depending on the patient’s request. The nostril will then be resized to achieve the best nosecontour.
  • Angles and Twists method can be performed if the patient’s nose grows in a strange angle.
  • Non-surgical nose job is the latest development of plastic surgery. It can improve the shape and the appearance of the nose minus the knife. Also, the patient will not be anesthetized as this method utilizes injectable fillers like evolence and restylane. It can correct nasal distortions but can’t decrease the size of large nose. 

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