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Truth About Rhinoplasty Revisions

Rhinoplasty Revisions 

Rhinoplasty revisions are performed on patients who have undergone nose job but are still not happy with the result of the operation. For instance, instead of making the nose proportionate to the face, it loses its balance. And instead of enhancing the nose, the patient now has difficulties in breathing.

Moreover, there are many things to consider before undergoing any rhinoplasty revisions. This is because revision surgery is far more complicated compared to first time nose job. Revision rhinoplasty requires doctor that has wide knowledge, experience and understanding on nasal form as well as to many different surgical methods.

Information on rhinoplasty revisions

Generally, rhinoplasty revisions will require more time and would cost a bit more expensive. In most cases, patients would rather go back to the original surgeon because they charge less for the revision. However, it is not always advisable to have your original surgeon do the revision as he or she might not be trained and skilled enough to do it. Besides, whoever is the surgeon that will perform the second operation make sure that he or she understand better the goals and the problems that needs to be fixed.

Furthermore, a clear and precise statement of your goals as well as your expectations is extremely necessary. Be very honest in telling the doctor why you are not satisfied with the result of your first rhinoplasty surgery. This conversation should be done prior to the revision surgery to avoid further problems.

Nowadays, there are technologies that are made available to betteraccomplish rhinoplasty revisions. Some surgeons are trained in using 3-D imaging system which can be used to give the patient an idea of how his or her nose will look like after revision rhinoplasty. Also, through using 3-D imaging system the patient can also outline realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery.

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