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Facts on Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery and Cancer Prevention

Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery 

Most of us are directly exposed from the harmful rays of the sun everyday. This is the reason why almost every year, the number of skin cancer cases dramatically increase. Skin cancer is already considered as one of the fleetest type of cancer all over the world.

Skin cancer like any other forms of cancer can be very dangerous. However, if detected and treated early it can be totally healed. Usually, skin cancer is treated by removing the parts diseased by cancerous cells. Also, it is expected that the skin will be damaged, deformed and scarred after the surgery. Nevertheless, this can be corrected by skin cancer reconstructive surgery.

The aim of skin cancer reconstructive surgery is to heal injured tissues, reconstruct body parts and bring back the forms and functions of all the areas affected with vile skin cancer. Skin cancer reconstructive surgery can reduce scars brought by skin cancer surgery and can effectively reconstruct damaged body parts like eyelids, ears, nose and lips. It utilizes laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion for a more desirable result.Skin cancer reconstructive surgery is considered as the most effective reconstructive methods to reestablish the appearance and function of the affected areas of the body.

Ways of Preventing Skin Cancer

Rejoice because skin cancer can be healed and even prevented in so many ways. There are several options to stop the growth of cancer and skin cancer reconstructive surgery is one of the best solutions tosuccessfully eliminate cancerous cells. Nowadays, though we are exposed to many risk factors there are still ways to avoid skin cancer to shake us. The following are the things you can do to avoid skin cancer.

  1. Reduce sun exposure  
  2. Cover your skin  
  3. Beware of getting suntan  
  4. Use sunscreen  
  5. Avoid tanning salon or tanning lamps  
  6. Protect your eyes from radiation  
  7. Regularly examine your moles and freckles  

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