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Post-Surgery Skin Cancer Scars

Skin Cancer Scars 

A person that is affected by skin cancer can be cured by skin cancer surgery. However, this method can produce skin cancer scars which can be small and large depending on the degree of skin cancer. Normally, once a patient is diagnosed of having a skin cancer, he or she will be required to undergo surgical exclusion of all cancerous cells to prevent it from spreading to the entire body skin.

The most common forms of skin cancer are Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma. These forms of skin cancer can be treated with skin cancer surgery that provides functional development on skin areas that are affected by cancer. Also, there’s another type of cancer which appears like a common sore that won’t mend unless properly treated. Its appearance is like a reddish lump that looks like a mole.

The dangerous kind is melanoma skin cancer. It appears like a bump or a mere patch that looks undamaging. Its common color is black or brown. If these types of bumps appear on skin, it should not be taken for granted. It can be totally cured if treated early. Patients that have advance skin cancer might experience major skin deformities and scarring as the skin to be removed during the skin cancer surgery will be large.

What’s more disastrous is that skin cancer usually starts on areas that are exposed. Therefore, skin cancer scars will show up evidently. Skin cancer reconstructive surgery can deliver not just functional result but also cosmetic upshot as it can lessen surgical scars making the skin look more pleasing.

While the above mentioned techniques require incisions and removal of skin, there is also method of curing skin cancer that does not involve excision. This can be used if the patient’s skin cancer is still at its early stage. This is done by utilizing electric current to eliminate cancerous cells. This method is called curettage and desiccation. Skin cancer scars after curettage and desiccation can be made less visible to invisible if skin reconstructive surgery will be performed.

Actually, skin cancer scars would vary according to the type of treatment and procedure use to eliminate skin cancer. Some surgeons employ modern reconstructive techniques to reduce the effects of skin cancer as well as scars. There are patients that requests for another cosmetic procedure like face lift following skin cancer surgery for more enhance result.

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