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Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift  

A thigh lift is a plastic surgery procedure to remove loose skin from the thighs. Successful and sustained massive weight loss can lead to extensive redundancy of skin in the inner thigh area. Constant rubbing together of the redundant inner thigh folds predisposes to areas of skin irritation and infection and interferes with personal hygiene. Clothing may be difficult to fit and there may be psychosocial concerns of a disfigured appearance. Comfort and appearance improve by the plastic surgery procedure known as the thigh lift.

A thigh lift involves resection of redundant thigh tissue. Redundant thigh tissue may extend to involve the buttocks and back of the thigh. Removal of excessive skin and fatty tissue of the inner thigh, a thigh lift, uses incisions that parallel the groin crease. The thigh lift is usually performed on the inner surface of the thighs but can include the outer thigh area and buttock if indicated.

Risks of a thigh lift include infection, hematoma, and delayed wound healing. In certain cases liposuction is an adjunct procedure but cannot replace a thigh lift if there is redundant skin. Post-operative care in the thigh lift procedure includes frequent wound care, antibiotics, and rest. The incisions of a thigh lift frequently stretch during the healing process.

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