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Bilateral Thigh Lift Overview

Bilateral Thigh Lift 

If your problem is your loose and hanging skin in your thighs, that’s a problem no more. Bilateral thigh lift is designed to tighten and flatten the skin particularly in thigh area. Its goal is to make the thigh look fit and smooth giving its inner and outer areas a more enhancedand tighter form.

It is normally performed within two hours. The first phase is keeping the patient fully sedated before the operation starts. Bilateral thigh lift requires an incision on the patient’s groin or below the bikini line. The incision has to be made to have easy entry on the tissues under the skin.

After the making of incision, the surgeon has to remove a semi-circular fraction of skin from the patient’s groin. The tissue that has been exposed will then be restructured and tightened. In effect, the skin will look condensed. Subsequently, once the reshaping is done the skin will be sutured tightly to secure the muscle of the skin to avoid further sagging while it’s in the process of healing.

Furthermore, the surgeon usually inserts drains on the incision to effectively prevent undesirable accumulation of blood and fluid after the entirebilateral thigh liftprocedure. Drains will be taken out from the patient’s skin after one week or the most, ten days.

After bilateral thigh lift

Right after the surgery, the patient’s thighs will be covered with compression garments to minimize swelling while the tissue is mending. The patient may feel discomfort and minimal pain but if the prescribed medicines are utilized properly, pain should be controllable. Also, bruising is expected to be less visible toinvisible. During the healing process, the patient is prohibited to undergo any strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects and even jogging.

On the other hand, while bilateral thigh lift is executed, the doctor may subsequently combine other surgical procedures like body lift and butt lift along with the patient’s request.

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