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Inner Thigh Lift - Preparation and Operation

Inner Thigh Lift 

Inner thigh lift is an aesthetic surgical operation that helps eliminate flabby skin on the inner thigh. This can be employed on both men and women. Normally it is done within one to two hours but the patient will be required to stay at the hospital for at least two to three nights.

There is an argument about what’s better between inner thigh lift and liposuction. The best way to answer this question is to identify the purpose of the decision of going through any of the two options.

If your purpose is to get rid of that saggy skin in your inner thigh and have that skin tightened, then inner thigh lift surgery is the best solution to your problem. However, if your intention is just to reduce the amount of fats in your thighs, liposuction is the right solution for that. Moreover, if your goal is to achieve both, a combination of liposuction and inner thigh lift will work best.

Preparation Before Inner Thigh Lift Operation

If you are serious about getting a thigh lift surgery, make sure to not take any medicines that have Aspirin or Acylpirin for about three weeks before the scheduled surgery date. The reason for this is because these drugs decrease setting time of blood that hampers quick recovery.

Smoking is also not allowed to be used several months prior to the operation as nicotine can trigger complications and other possible risks.

Inner Thigh Lift Operation

The inner thigh lift operation will start by employing anesthesia on the patient. Next is that some marks will be created by the surgeon on the selected parts of the thigh where surgery is needed. There will be some incisions required and it will be made someplace in the patient’s front groin. The incision will continue on the inner thigh up to the patient’s buttocks.

There are some instances where a vertical piece of skin in the inner thigh will be removed if the skin in this area is excessive. Following this action is the tightening of vertical and horizontal skin to avoid ugly inner thigh appearance. However, there is downside in this method as the removal of excess skin will leave a long scar starting from the patient’s inner groin on the way to his or her inner knee. This method is not usually performed as part of inner thigh lift procedure unless deemed necessary.

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