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Thigh Lift Recovery and Post-Operative Care

Thigh Lift Recovery 

Thigh lift is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape and enhance the overall appearance of the thigh. Given that it is a real surgery, swelling, bruising and soreness after the operation is expected. But despite that, when you look at your gorgeous thigh as well as your smooth and tight skin youwill definitely forget that you ever endured all those side effects.

Thigh lift recovery may vary per patient. This is because each patient has different health condition and natural ability to heal. Some known results of thigh lift surgery is swelling and bruising. These problems may lengthen the healing process as it may develop to infection which is rarely to happen. Swelling and bruising however can be controlled by taking recommended nutritional supplements prior to the operation. Also, after the surgery the surgeon may prescribe some medicine to lessen the pain while the wound is in the course of healing.

More About Thigh Lift Recovery

Following the surgery, the patient will feel a bit of discomfort and rigidity that would last for about a day or two and will normally go away on the third day. However the swelling in the lower body as well as the upper thigh will usually recede after three weeks and up until five weeks of thigh lift recovery period.

During thigh lift recovery, the surgeon will provide the patient a compression garment purposely to safeguard the skin opening and to support the tightening and shrinking of the skin. There will also be some drainage tubes that will be placed on the incisions to promote proper and faster healing. Drainage tubes can help prevent unwanted fluids to build up on the wounds as well as to reduce the degree of swelling. These drainage tubes will be taken out from the incision sites as soon as the fluid has depleted.

Post-Operative Care

The doctor will be requiring the patient to gently bend the legs towards the hips for the duration of one week. This will be done in order to decrease the tension of the incision lines. This action also reduces pain and increases the chance of having thin and lighter scars.

The patient will be required to wear a gauze pad on the incisions in the groin to keep it dry. The surgeon normally instructs the patient as to how often he or she should change the dressings. Also, shower will only be allowed after three days following the surgery.

It is advisable that the patient should see his or her surgeon about a week after the operation to ensure not just the success of the operation but also to secure health condition. Moreover, while walking after the operation can bepainful especially if swelling and soreness is present, it is good to try walking anyway as it can prevent the development of serious blood clot in the leg.

Moreover, patient should follow the post-operative guidelines given by the doctor to avoid further complications. Any plans of going back to regular exercise programs should be consulted first to the doctor. The response on this may vary because each patient has different health condition and surgical procedure used.

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