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General Info On Extended Tummy Tuck

Extended Tummy Tuck 

To describe extended tummy tuck procedure, it is an extended version of traditional abdominoplasty operation. The surgeon will also have to extract all the excess skin particularly in the patient’s sides to enhance muscle laxity as well as the love handles and the hip section. This type of tummy tuck technique was developed due to some unsatisfied patients. It is because the conventional tummy tuck that was wide spread before cannot enhance the areas like the back, flanks and some folds of fats and extra skin are not addressed effectively.

Who are the best candidates for Extended Tummy Tuck?

People who needs some corrections in their abdomen, flank, hip as well as back muscles are the right candidates for extended tummy tuck. Normally, people who develop excess fats and skin on the said areas are usually those that are previously overweight but have lost several pounds because of some diet programs and exercises. Extended tummy tuck is exactly the right procedure to employ to people having this problem as this procedure is designed to help patient achieve a more refined figure after extensive weight loss.

The Procedure

With extended tummy tuck, the required incision is relatively long. It will in fact extend over from side to side of the abdomen as well as the back. After the making of incision, the muscles will be exposed. The surgeon will then tighten bare muscles and usually create a new belly button that will fit perfectly to the new shape of the body.

In some point of extended tummy tuck procedure, the surgeon will employ liposuction technique to attain optimum result. After the extra fats and skin are removed from the patient’s abdomen, flanks, hips and back, the openings will be closed together with sutures. Some patients would request another procedure like arm lift or thigh lift to get the best result out of tummy tuck surgeries.

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