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Overview Of Male Tummy Tuck

Male Tummy Tuck 

Male tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that can decrease the size of an obtrude tummy by eliminating extra skin and thinning the midsection muscles. In effetc the abdomen would appear more tighter, flatter and appealing.

Types of Male Tummy Tuck

In general, male tummy tuck is performed in an outpatient setting. The anesthesia to be employed can be local or general anesthesia. The procedure will vary according to the nature of tummy tuck method to use per patient. Below is the list of male tummy tuck types with corresponding descriptions.

  1. Traditional male tummy tuck – this method utilizes an incision crafted in the patient’s lower abdomen particularly in one side of the hip going to the other side. The second incision is created to relocate the belly button. Afterwards, muscles in the abdomen will be tigthened and the extra skin will be excised. The left over skin will also be stretched to attain tighter and firmer tummy.
  2. Partial Male Tummy Tuck – with this procedure, only small amount of skin is extracted and the belly button will remain in palce. Since the process is short and less invasive the recovery period is also shortened. Liposuction technique can be combined with partial male tummy tuck to effectively get rid of excess fats in the affected areas.
  3. Extended male tummy tuck – the nature of extended tummy tuck surgery involves longer incision as it would be crafted around the flanks and the areas to be treated is streached up to the upper hips and back area. 
  4. Endoscopic male tummy tuck – the advantage of this type of procedure is that it only require small incisions for the tiny camera that will serve as a device use to tighten the areas to be treated in the abdomen. There will be no skin to be excised and the process is less invasive compared to other abdominoplasty procedure.

Ultimately, the best thing to do before submitting to any form of male tummy tuck surgical procedure is to visit and consult first a qualified and recognized surgeon to determine the right procedure that will suit to individual needs.

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