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Tummy Tuck Recovery - Its Only a Matter of Time 

Tummy Tuck Recovery 

Like any other forms of surgery, enough time is needed to help the body get back to its normal state. Tummy tuck recovery period is subject to the patient’s overall health condition, the type of surgical procedure performed and the patient’s determination in following the guidelines set by the surgeon after the operation.

Tummy tuck recovery period

Following the surgery, the patient might be requested to stay in the hospital for a night. Tummy tuck recovery period would run for a couple of weeks. But there are patient’s that needs more time to fully recover which could possibly extend up to a month. In the first seven days after the surgery, the patient would experience a bit discomfort, pain and swelling but these can be reduced by the use of some medicines.

Most doctors utilize surgical or tummy tuck drains for speedy recovery. Tummy tuck recovery process might also require bed rest for a short period of time. The stitches on the other hand, will be removed a week after the surgery.

The surgeon would usually set some guidelines after the surgery such as the way a patient should change the surgical dressings, the proper way of bathing as well as walking. Gentle form of exercise like walking slowly can help achieve faster recovery and can also prevent blood clot to form. Remember not to indulge immediately to any forms of strenuous exercises as it dangerous.

Also, during the recovery period, the patient will be required to use abdominal binder which will be worn under the cloths for few more weeks following the surgery. And some will be required to use elasticized stockings for few days to reduce the risk of having blood clots to form in the patient’s legs.

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