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Tummy Tuck Scars and Recovery Period

Tummy Tuck Scars 

Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure, therefor scarring is inevitable. Tummy tuck scars varies in size because the incisions will differ per type of method use. Also the location and visibility of scars would depend on the surgery a patient preferred to undergo.

For instance, patients who have undergone circumferential tummy tuck would most likely get a lengthy scar as this method requires an extended incision that will enclose the patient’s abdomen. On the other hand, patients who have undergone mini tummy tuck will likely get smaller, less visible scars.

In general, tummy tuck surgery normally creates scars around the patient’s navel and hips crossways. The patient’s preferences would also influence tummy tuck scars. The greater skin a patient wants to be removed, the greater scar he or she gets. Typically, the scars brought by tummy tuck are most likely noticeable but these scars however are neatly placed on areas that can be easily covered by any underwear and swimming suit.

The surgeon plays a vital role in keeping these scars as handy as possible but more than that, it is the patient’s body condition and faster recovery can lessen or worsen the show of the scars. Those patients who smokes have greater chances of getting large and visible tummy tuck scars. They are also more prone to risky complications as nicotine delays healing process.

It is always recommended that people who are really serious about undergoing tummy tuck surgery should stop smoking for at least two to three weeks prior to the operation. Even a mere exposure to those who smokes will tighten blood vessel and lessen the oxygen that the skin cells need. If this happen, the patient’s immune response will slow down which means drawn-out recovery. In actual fact, the longer the recovery process takes the more visible scars would become. In the contrary, the faster the recovery gets, the lighter the scarscome to be.

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