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What To Expect Before And After Vaginoplasty Surgery

Before And After Vaginoplasty 

Prior to undergoing a vaginoplasty, one should know what to expect before and after vaginoplasty. Vaginoplasty surgery is a surgical procedure that tightens loose vaginal muscles due to normal aging or childbirth. Furthermore, this procedure will enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction. During giving birth to a child, the mother’s vagina would loosen up and stretch further to improve the baby’s passage.

For this reason, most mothers have problems with expanded muscles as it sometimes stays loose and weak that never improves over time. Sometimes, it becomes the main cause of sexual dysfunction and stress incontinence. However, not anyone can choose to undergo vaginoplasty surgery. Below are some guides on vaginoplasty surgery.

What to expect before Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Surely, not anyone is suitable for vaginal tightening surgery. Pregnant women who want to have vaginoplasty will be advised not to have it while still pregnant and instead will be required to wait at least one year after giving birth before getting the go signal for vaginal rejuvenation.

Before the doctor lets any woman undergo vaginoplasty, the doctor will first evaluate the patient’s medical history. It is rather important for most surgeons to always put their patient’s welfare into the highest level. Therefore, potential patients with excellent health condition are the ideal candidates for vaginoplasty.

Also, before vaginoplasty surgery the doctor will require patients to undergo some medical tests such as blood test, urine test, and pregnancy test. Normally, the doctor will advise the patient appropriately during the initial consultation.

What to expect after Vaginoplasty Surgery?

After the surgery, the patient may feel some minor degree of soreness and swelling. This feeling of discomfort is just normal after any type of plastic surgery. Usually, the patient will be able to walk around and move normally after a few more hours past the surgery. Eventually after a few weeks, the patient will be able to move comfortably.

In most cases, surgeons will employ dissolvable sutures so that the patient will not necessarily go back to the surgeon’s clinic to have it remove. Lastly, the patient will be required to have a good rest and avoid any forms of stressful activities while still in the process of healing. The key to having a good experience before and after vaginoplasty is to follow the doctor’s guidelines and instructions faithfully.

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