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Vaginoplasty Surgery - Overview

Vaginoplasty Surgery 

To define vaginoplasty surgery, it is a procedure designed to make the vaginal canal tighter after the vaginal opening becomes larger due to childbirth or aging. Furthermore after giving birth, a weakly healed episiotomy may need some corrections. This is where vaginoplasty surgery comes in. It is a type of reconstructive surgery that aims to tighten the vaginal opening as well as to enhance sexual pleasure of the woman and her partner.

The goal of vaginoplasty surgery is to get rid of extra vaginal skin in order to narrow down the diameter of vaginal opening. As a result of this genital reconstructive surgery, the introitus becomes tighter as well as the vaginal vault. All in all, the entire vagina plastic surgery procedure can take up around sixty to ninety minutes to perform depending on the amount of work required.

Before Vaginoplasty Surgery

Ideally, vaginoplasty surgery should be performed shortly after menstruation. The reason for this is that on the next menstruation you are sure that the tissues are already fully healed. However, in the case where the surgery is already performed and menstruation came before the tissues are completely healed, the patient may feel a bit of discomfort, and the possibility of getting infections becomes higher. Nevertheless, there will be no serious problems that will occur.

On the other hand, there are no specific precautions that the patient needs to do before vaginoplasty surgery. In fact, the patient may still engage in sexual intercourse even until a day prior to the surgical procedure. However, it is good to know that smoking will cause the body’s oxygenation to reduce which in effect may increase the possibility of complications following the surgery. Thus, smoking should be avoided few weeks before the operation.

Vaginoplasty Procedure

At the beginning of vaginoplasty procedure, the surgeon will apply anesthesia to the patient. The anesthesia can be local or general anesthesia. The surgical procedure is done just like how conventional operation is performed but in the case of laser vaginoplasty, only a laser apparatus is applied for the procedure.

Next, the stretched muscle behind the vagina will be joined together and then cut down before the unwanted skin is excise. As a result, the excess vaginal lining is reduced and the vaginal muscle is tightened. Also, the said tightening process can be performed using laser technology. With this type of method, the scarring occurs inside the vagina.

Vaginoplasty Surgery Result

Many women who have undergone vaginoplasty surgery confess that there is a significant increase of tightness in their vaginal muscle while others believe that their vagina was really reconditioned exactly how it was prior to childbirth. That is why vaginoplasty is also known as vaginal rejuvenation.

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